Why Hot-Mop

Why Is Hot-Mopping My Best Choice?

• Start to finish with-in hours.
• 1-hour after completion and you can fill your pan with water for inspection!
• No delays help production time.
• Hot mopping provides multi-layer protection!
• 4 layers of asphalt and 3 layers of 15 lb. felt.
• Offers more protection than with single ply systems.
• No waiting between coats as with some cold applied methods.

No folds, special pieces, splicing, or glues needed at dams, corners, laps, or seams. All areas bond together to form a one piece unit. A clear advantage over vinyl and other one piece liner methods.

Unique shapes and large size-our specialty as Hot-mop conforms to any shape and size with 100% integrity.

Hot-mop showerpans have been used and have proved their dependability and durability throughout the country, but especially in California, with over a 60-year track record!

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